The college admissions process can seem overwhelming. Taking tests, making timelines, choosing colleges, filling out forms - these are only some steps a student must take when deciding from among thousands of possible college choices. Continued competition for admissions and astronomical college costs have only increased the anxiety many families face when confronting this process. Admissions

Thats where CAPS College Admissions Planning Service comes in. We're a company that prides itself on expert "college knowledge" and trustworthy guidance through college selection and admission. Because we care deeply about each student, we work to uncover strengths, talents and academic and career goals. We offer all students the sort of personalized approach to college planning not often found in high school guidance offices or outside consulting companies. 

Through our systemized and organized approach we are confident we can help every student navigate the college selection and admissions process. And while we can't alleviate all college admissions anxiety, we will work to create realistic plans and intelligent options for our clients. Read on for details about our services and contact us soon for a free consultation. It's never too early to start the college planning process!

Our College Admissions Specialist work with the student and their families to:
• Guide them through the entire college admissions process
• "Organize and Get a Plan Together" to achieve success
• Save Time and Money with informed options that will lower your pre-college cost

       Our overall goal is to serve our clients' individual admissions needs

Working with CAPS experienced staff you receive:
• Expert up to date guidance in the admissions process
• Informed options to lowering your pre-college cost by eliminating multiple test preparations services, numerous college applications and college visits
• Personalized service to help you make smart college choices



 Take the next step towards a promising future. Call us today.