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Senior Program Overview
Your Keys to success begins with our 10-point Comprehensive College Planning Program service:
1. College Search & Selection
2. College Application Assistance
3. Timelines
4. Brag Sheet/Resume Development
5. Letters of recommendation
6. College Application Essay/Personal Statement Development
7. Academic and Standardize Test Assessment
8. Student Interview
9. Campus Visitation Preparation
10. FAFSA/CSS Profile

College Search and Selection
One of the most overlooked steps in the college admissions process. Your admissions chances will be highest at the schools where you are a good "fit." We can help you select these schools; evaluate a college or university and its programs. Determine which college will support the student’s goals and career aspirations.

College Application Assistance, Strategies and Timelines
Services include providing advice on and reviewing the student-prepared applications. We help develop a specific plan of action to meet deadlines and decision options. Fine tune the applicant's strengths and address any weaknesses or "holes" in their academic background or extracurricular experiences. Tips on filling out the common application & individual college applications.

Personal Statements and Essays
Our essay coordinators help our clients select the content of their personal statements and essays, and advise them on how that material should be presented. From brainstorming topics, developing your ‘Unique Voice”, drafting to polishing we ensure that the content serves to advance the client's chosen admission strategy

Campus Visit and Interview Preparation
We help our clients establish goals and objectives for college visits and tours. To prepare for college admissions interviews we conduct mock admissions interviews and provide constructive critiques on interview performance. These mock sessions teach our clients what to expect in an actual interview, how to prepare, what to say, and how to say it.

Brag sheet/Resume Construction
Assistance with developing a resume that represents a complete history of student involvement and experiences. We provide suggestions for continued personal growth and development.

Overview of the financial aid and college funding process. Review of financial aid programs, methodology and cost reduction strategies. Evaluation of aid awards and counsel on negotiation strategies to increase awards.

College Selection Advisement
We provide an in depth selection advisement based on acceptances offer. We can help you evaluate such factors as career opportunities, social life, and financial aid, and how each one fits into your admissions acceptance decisions.

Other College Admissions Services
• Advice on the SAT/ACT
• Evaluation of the majors offered at different colleges and universities
• Information on extracurricular activities and part-time jobs
• Tips on how to succeed in college
• Guidance on obtaining good letters of reference

College Enrichment Workshops
3-hour classroom sessions
Service Fee: $50.00 per workshop

Our Enrichment Workshops provides detailed strategy sessions, forums and participation exercises to help students gain an advantage in the College Admissions Process.

SAT/ACT Strategies & Essay
 Learn SAT/ACT strategies to help improve your score. Understanding the format of the exam. Test your skills with a mini practice test challenge.

College Application Essay/Personal Statement
Learn how to develop a winning essay and short answer statement. Brainstorm for topics, editing service and critical review.

Student Interview
Review interview techniques and tips. Practice mock interviews, develop interview questions. Videotape sessions to improve techniques and raise confidence.

Campus Visits and Tours
Establish goals and objectives for college visits- types of questions to ask, what to look for, create timelines for visits. Participate in scheduled tours.

Finding Scholarships 101
Step-by-step guidance to help search and apply for scholarships. Monthly meetings for application assistance and essay editing services.

Local Employment & Internships
Listings of local employment and internships opportunities. Resume preparation and recommendations for community service, extracurricular involvement and summer activities.